The road to the Grand Canyon

They say it’s the journey, not the destination.  Here are some of the things I captured on the way to the Grand Canyon.


Photo Gallery – Leaving Florida

Pictures from my trip out of Florida.

Photo Gallery – Florida Part II

I know that I promised pictures and I have been taken many.  Now that I’m not driving for a few days, I’ve had some time to start sorting them and organizing them.  Here are some from last weekend in Florida when I went to visit my Dad’s cousin and her husband.

And the best picture of all, Christie and I in the gulf with a school of sting rays!

Highlights from Sunday Fun day- Kentucky style

Sunday Funday- complete with Margaritas and not one, not two but three kinds of salsa.
Delicious fajitas for two – shrimp, beef and chicken. Also, did you know that at Mexican restaurants – well at this one anyway – you can get mashed potatoes with cheese. mmmm


Selfie with my awesome hostess and partner in crime for this leg of the trip. As you can tell from the palm trees in the background we took this picture at a super secret exotic location also known as the lobby at Abuelo’s.

So my Sunday consisted of sleeping super late- combination of time zone difference and a long ass day of driving on Saturday.  When I finally got up and got ready to go out into the world – we had lunch at Abuelo’s.  Now, Madison friends – I never went there when we had one.  Now I am sad.  It was super yummy.  Although most things are after you slam a margarita and you’re not used to drinking.  I would definitely go back though.

After lunch, we went to the happiest place on earth – if you guessed Target – you guessed right.  But here’s the thing -I realized I might have a Target problem.  When you go to another Target store like 5 states away and go through the fun area up front with the $1/$3/$5 stuff and you’re like – seen it, seen it – got it – don’t like it etc – you’re there too much.  In what was probably a noteworthy event that you should mark on your calendar – I only spent $6.  I know, it’s amazing and you’re right, I wasn’t feeling well.

I was also introduced to the most delicious cucumber cream cheese dip yesterday.  I don’t know if I can share the recipe with the internet – I have to check with Crystal – but that stuff is mmmmm.  I will definitely be making that when I get home or maybe even next week.  I wonder if Barry eats cucumbers?

This next part is a little hard to admit, but after a day and half of being away, I was a little homesick and had trouble falling asleep last night.  I missed Ross, Rachel, Chandler and the whole gang at Central Perk.  I thought this trip might be a good time to work on my bedtime habits so I was trying to fall asleep in the dark just listening to Enya.  No TV, no Dog, no cat.  I was lonely.  Quiet time in the dark also lets your mind go to places you try to stay busy during the day to avoid and so inevitably- my mind went to the evil twin and our break up and all the sadness I try not to wallow in.  I can go whole days without crying now but I still feel disbelief when I think about us not being together.  I’m at a point now where you can’t un-ring the bell.  I know there is no way to go back to what we’ve had, too much damage has been done but I miss the comfort of knowing someone was always there, in that way.  I mean really – your best girlfriend isn’t going to hug you in bed when you have a PMS crying fit and gently rock you until it passes while you run your fingers through their chest hair.  I know I’m not alone and really if one more person tells me I don’t need a man – I am going to have to hit them.  I know that I don’t, I just really liked it.  And I know, that with enough time, these feelings will pass and I would be doing myself a horrible disservice if I tried to not feel them now because no matter how hard you try, they will get you – so I’d rather go through this now, get it over with and move on then have it come back to haunt me at some bad time in the future.  Plus, don’t you get like a month for each year you were together to be crazy?  I still have like 4.5 months left.  I plan on enjoying every minute of that.  LOL

So I found this on Pinterest last night and I like it and think it’s a good reminder when you are trying to refocus your life. It’s not everything I don’t want to care about anymore – it’s just the drama and crap. I’m going to focus all the energy from caring about that stuff on great stuff and move mountains.