I don’t want to jinx things – but things are definitely looking up

So after taking Thursday to lick my wounds and get myself back on track, I spent one last night in Florida with Barry where we enjoyed yummy chicken and the second night of the two night big brother premiere.  I’m putting money on Christmas to take it all!!!

Friday morning tried waking up at the crack of dawn again, this time with better results.  After a shower and packing up all my stuff, I was on the road to my next stop by 7:45 am ish.  I wrapped the ankle up tight and I was off to Leigh Acres to meet my dad’s cousin.  We have talked for years but this was the first time we were meeting in person.

After 5 stops in about as many hours, including a stop at the post office and a candy/jelly factory, I finally arrived and as Lori had predicted, it was like we had already known each other.  I was greeted so warmly by her and her husband and after a quick sandwich, we headed out to Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Little did she know, I was hoping we would go there after reading about it on the internet!!!!  So we crossed a bridge and then after driving through the cutest town, we were at the beach!!!  There were seashells everywhere, which I now have many of and after a heavy application of sunscreen, we ventured into the water!!!!  Although I am a grown up, I was nervous and so Christie held my hand as we ventured out in to the gulf.  We were bobbing up and down and then I got a mouth full of water.  For some reason, I was surprised when it was quite salty.  LOL.  It also stung my eyes and when I went under and got a nose-ful, I was sure I wouldn’t need my neti pot for a few days.

After a couple rough days, things were finally looking up and it was like all the animals were on my side.  We saw 4 schools of sting rays swimming, one went right past us while we were in the water.  It was amazing.  I also saw a flying fish and pelicans hunting.  It was simply amazing and more magical than I ever expected.  I am also pleased to report that by once again wearing sunscreen, I avoided looking like a lobster!!

Following our fun time in the ocean and picking up seashells, we packed up and headed to a quite little store where I probably bought enough stuff to keep them in business for another day.  You don’t need to know it all, but just know that I got my very own starfish.

We headed for home after that but first stopped at this market that sold fresh juice, fruit and ice cream.  After sampling grapefruit juice, lemonade, and strawberry orange juice, we got vanilla/orange swirl ice cream cones. MMM!!!  It was like a dreamsicle in an ice cream cone.

For dinner today, I had shrimp cerviche which was simply one of the most delicious things I had ever had in my whole life.  I was a little nervous because normally when you make cerviche, the acids in the sauce cook the meat instead of heat but the shrimp were firm and pink and mmmm.  Later I found out they had been cooked the regular way before they were mixed in which made me feel even better about it.

Did I mention I also saw trees with coconuts growing on them and on the ground around them as well as bear and panther crossing signs?  I also saw a pineapple growing.  This part of Florida is like vacationing in a whole different tropical country- but without a passport.

I’m hobbling around pretty good. My ankle is a little sore and tired and the bruising is coming out now, so hopefully, we’re on the mend and I will be Grand Canyon ready by Tuesday!

Hump day- not the best day

So after such a stellar Sunday Fun day kick off to Florida – I had high hopes for this week.  That was not my best idea.

Monday was great,  I worked a lot and made a sweet taco dinner for Barry when he got home from work.  We enjoyed the taco deliciousness during his very first watching of Dirty Dancing ever.  He may not admit it, but he had the time of his life.

I had big plans for Tuesday to get up early ( like 4:30 am) to drive to Cocoa Beach and watch the sunrise, pick up some seashells and be home by 10 am Colorado Time.  Instead, I was so excited Monday night, I couldn’t sleep so then I couldn’t get up and frankly, didn’t want to drive an hour in the dark to a strange place tired.  So I went back to sleep with plans of going Wednesday morning.  So I laid low Tuesday, worked some and may have gotten into a new show ( well new to me, ) on Netflix.  Thanks A LOT Crystal and Charlie.  I lost a lot of hours to parks and recreation.  We were going to go swimming but apparently it rains every single afternoon in Florida.  Instead we had delicious sandwiches from Firehouse Subs, which I had never had before, but will have again.  Then we went to the cutest little ice cream place where I had an amazing real ice cream ice cream cone.

So up the Tuesday night, things are moving along a slow, normal, almost regular life pace with not too much excitement.  Tuesday I go to bed early with plans, again of getting up to go to Cocoa Beach.  I charged my camera batteries, I printed the addresses for the places I wanted to go, I had change for meters where I wanted to park, I had an outfit laid out.  I was setting myself up to succeed.

I fall asleep.  4:19 rolls around Wednesday morning and I actually got up after giving myself a pep talk – something along the lines of you can sleep at home – you drove all this way – get out of bed and see the ocean.  I get dressed, I sent Barry a snarky message because I was actually going to make it out the door before he even got up for work, gathered my belonging and headed out.

I open the door to outside and it’s dark out – no big deal – it wasn’t dark-dark. I grab my phone and turn on the flashlight and I’m walking down the little sidewalk along the house to the carport and the motion light in the carport comes on and inside my head, I’m like great, now I can see where I am going.  What I failed to see what a two inch step at the end of the sidewalk.  I obviously tripped, rolled my right ankle completely under in the most painful of fashions, landd on my left knee, tried to brace myself again the car to not fall and instead keyed it in a spectacular fashion.  After laying there for a moment, I finally moved to a sitting position to determine my next move because I was pretty sure I sprained my ankle, bad.  According to the video – of course there is video – do you know me at all- I sat there for a few minutes before I got up.

Relive it here: https://youtu.be/j-WfoU9V7ww

I eventually limped my way back into the house and back to bed where I sent Barry a new text message to come see me when he wakes up.  Needless to say, I have yet to make it to the ocean.  To summarize – I have one sprained ankle, at least 2 impressive bruises, a scraped finger, a sore neck and a severely bruised ego.

Another sexy toe picture

I know at some point, I will find the humor in this, but right now, I’m not quite there yet.  And as we all have parts of ourselves that we wish we were better at, I can fully admit I wish I was a better patient.  I have been admitted quite needy, whiny and weepy today and for the first time, I kind of just wanted to pack it up and go home.  But then we went to Walgreens, I wrapped my ankle and took some pills and Barry fed me cheese and crackers.  I am confident I’ll feel better in a few days and worst case scenario, I brought two rolls of duct tape, so I can just duct tape the crap out of my ankle and keep going.

I think I’m going to try to see Cocoa Beach on another trip.

Sunday Fun day – Florida Style

I don’t know if you know this, but Florida is June is hot.  Like yesterday it was almost 100 degrees and there is some humidity.  It’s not weather for a delicate flower such a myself.

Since I had driven so much over the two days prior, Barry let me sleep late on Sunday and then we got up and after a trip through the Starbucks drive through, we entered the gate for his sister’s neighborhood with a secret code sending device in Barry’s car and we went swimming in her pool while she was flying to Mexico.  Did I mention her pool was in a screened in enclosure surrounded by fruit trees?

So in case you aren’t quite getting the mental picture – me, pool, diet coke, water and coffee on a sunny day.  OH yeah!  At one point, I may have been supplied an adult beverage.  Also, I managed to wear sunscreen so guess who is not full lobster?  This girl finally learned.  Also, after we swam, Barry took me for tacos and more diet coke.  Then we coupon shopped at Kohl’s where I scored a super cute purse before we grocery shopped and went home to take naps to get ready for bedtime.






Often on Facebook and Instagram you see these pictures of women on vacation with their perfectly polished toes at the beach or the pool and so I said to Barry, take a picture of my toes sticking out of the water.  He did and I was disappointed because you could also see my sweet cankles and it wasn’t the sexy toe pick I wanted at all.  And then it dawned on me – who gives a fuck? We all know I’m not a super model and a size 10 and let’s be honest, never will be.  I have wasted so much time in my life thinking I was less because I weighed more.  Why does that matter so much?  I mean, sure, I might not want to walk a mile to eat nachos with you, but really, I have yet to find a nacho so good anyone would think it was worth walking a mile to eat it, thin or fluffy.  And no offense to my thin friends, but I always find it comforting to hug someone with a little fluff.  So to summarize, I am a top notch hugger who will not walk a mile for nachos, sweats a lot in summer and has cute toes – it’s just the cankles that do me in.

Seriously, I think it’s time to start letting go of all the things that have held me back.  I’m working the Weight Watchers program, not because I want to be someone else, but because there is a runner inside me that wants out.  Also, I would like to be able to swim more aerodynamically.  And most importantly because at 42 years old, I have finally learned that there is no magic morsel that you can eat that will make it all better – take away the sadness, emptiness, loneliness, boredom or make the celebration that much better.

Here is the thing – and I think it is something that we need to learn and remember each day because it’s easy to forget – I am enough – I am amazing – I am kind and funny.  I don’t have to be anyone but me.  And if that’s not ok with you and you don’t want to be under the Jennifoster umbrella of luck anymore, then, in the words of my dad, go pound sand.


Time flies when you’re having fun

In case you hadn’t seen it on Facebook yet, I made it to Florida and let me tell you 947 miles in 2 days was a lot of miles.  After the last few days, I will offer the following tips to anyone planning on driving a long way – things cost more than you expect and when in doubt, count on traffic and construction to slow your roll.  Also, at some point, diet coke will stop being delicious.

So Friday morning I left Kentucky about 1015am which I was pretty impressed with since my goal was to leave at 10 – yeah me!  I was pretty concerned about the drive on Friday since the remnants of tropical storm Cynthia were supposed to be in the area where I was driving and I was concerned about crossing a path of heavy rain/storms. Luckily for me, I got about 45 minutes south of Florence, KY and the sun came out it there really wasn’t anymore rain after that.

Friday I drove 543 miles by myself in about 11 hours.  I’m a stopper, I’ll admit.  It was nice being able to stop often and stay fully hydrated.  This is a nice change of pace from when I used to travel in the semi with he whose name we don’t speak anymore.  I went through Kentucky, into Tennessee, through North Carolina and finally into South Carolina for the night. I am pretty sure I stopped at every single rest stop along the way that was open, if for no other reason, to stop driving for a minute and re-arrange my supplies.

Before I left Kentucky, I did take a detour and drive past the Ark Experience.  So basically, it’s this ginourmous replica of Noah’s Ark that you can tour.  I thought about actually touring it, but it was $40 to get in.  I thought that was a lot of money for something I wasn’t really, really excited about.  I did however, manage to take some long range pictures as I drove past.

The drive though Kentucky and Tennessee included going over the smoky mountains  and included going through 2 tunnels.  Although it was not raining, it was little windy and as I only I could, I managed to get myself motion sick while driving.   The up and down and curvy roads and in ability of people to pick a freaking speed all contributed to a sweet headache and upset stomach.  Let’s be honest, that takes real skill to make yourself sick with your own driving.  Taking breaks, snacking and taking Tylenol helped.  The drive was gorgeous as you can see from the following experience video – FYI – there is also a tunnel involved.

I made it my hotel in Orangeburg, SC about 930pm Friday night and I was pooped.  Did you know you could get hand cramps from driving all day?  You can.  Although I had had big plans for ordering dinner and swimming, I settled for a bag of microwave popcorn that was still only 1/3 popped after 4 minutes and went right to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up and was back on the road by 1030.  It was crazy, I wanted to get gas before I got on the highway and the two gas stations by the hotel were PACKED.  So I finally pull in what looks to be the less busy of the two, I got gas and when I went to pull out, there were only 2 cars at the one I had really wanted to go to – go figure.   See I really had wanted to go to the Exxon station because I have a plenti card, which is a discount program, I know, shocker – Jennifoster has a coupon!

It was pretty exciting when I got back outside Saturday morning because there were palm bushes, palm trees and these really pretty flowering trees I have asked Barry the name of like 3 times already because I promptly forget the name as soon as he says it.


Saturday was “supposed” to be a short day – only about 400 miles and Barry had plans in the afternoon so I told him I wouldn’t be there until about 7 pm.  I took advantage of my late arrival time to make some stops.  I found a La Creuset store in Georgia where I bought some beautiful Au Gratin dishes in a color called Rosemary and I also bought the most beautiful robin’s egg blue butter dish.  They were having a “sale”.

My new baking dishes
Killdeer judging me as I pulled in.

While I was driving through Georgia, I kept seeing signs for something called Peach World.  Much like when I went to the candy “emporium”, I was expecting something amazing.  That is not what I got, it was basically a small road side shop with fudge, lots of jams, that popcorn on the cob everyone thinks is so fancy and over pays for, pecans, wine and moonshine.  Although it was not fancy and smaller than I expected, I somehow ended up with $10 worth of peaches, a bottle of blackberry moonshine and a new Georgia magnet for my fridge.  I declined their offer to try to the moonshine because I am a cheap date these days and didn’t want to drink if I was getting back on the highway.  I really think we have a problem with people not using description words properly in this county.  If you look at the picture below – I think you will agree that “world” might be an overstatement.  ( yes Jason, I know, I will figure out how you can click on the pictures to make them bigger this week)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Panera?  I haven’t seen them at home, but down here, they have drive thru’s.  It was so nice to be able to get something other than a burger quickly.  A chicken Caesar salad, sesame bagel and huge ice water have never been so delicious.  On a side note – a sesame seed bagel is not the best way to keep your car crumb free – just a tip.

In case you had forgotten, I am not a fan of bridges.  I was doing ok on Saturday through Georgia  – I came down on I-95 and there were quite a few along the coast.  When I got to Florida, I was like awesome – bridges should be mostly done. Then I got to Jacksonsville where my entire freeway experience was on a curvy/bridgey/overpass thing.  My friend Jenny called just was the fresh fuckery was starting and our conversation kind of went like this:

me: I don’t like bridges

Jenny: Breathe

me: I don’t like bridges – this is not ok

Jenny: Breathe

repeat 17 more times and it will be like you were there eavesdropping.


Sky view at Florida Welcome center. Palm trees and blue skies.
Fancy landscaping in Daytona Beach

As I continued along I-95 I  decided to rename Florida the land of the corvette.  I saw more on Saturday then I can every remember seeing out in the wild in one day before.  I also saw a group of motorcycles at one point and like to think that my friend Kim was in them as she was hitting some of the beach town on I-95 on Saturday!  It gives me a warm fuzzy to think we crossed paths!

And then finally, Saturday about 7:30pm I finally made it to Barry’s house where he fed me pizza and let me go to bed early.  He gave me an empty room all to myself where I set up my sweet queen sized air mattress (it’s 22 inches tall) and promptly spread out all my stuff.  Let’s just say I need to do some organizing on Monday so it no longer looks like Hurricane Jennifer hit this place.  I took a muscle relaxer, drank 2 bottles of water, turned on Friends and slept like a teenager.

Bonus picture of me driving because people like pictures with people in them.


Hump day adventures

On the corner of downtown Covington, KY in the German area.

On Wednesdays, Crystal doesn’t work so we were able to go out and see some stuff together.  She took me to Downtown Covington, KY ( about 15ish minutes away) and took me to the neighborhood where she first lived when she moved here and showed me some really cute stuff.  It’s an area that has a lot of German history and is proud of it.  (see pictures below)

After exploring that neighborhood we went to historic Bellevue and visited some small shops along the main drag.  One was supposed to be a candy “Emporium”.  Truth be told, I have a thing for candy stores, I know, shocker.  I can tell you that it was no Emporium.  I would give it an adequate to adequate plus rating for lack of variety and square footage.  However I was able to score some special Brach’s candy so that is why I’m leaning towards an adequate plus rating.

After that we needed to get home for nap time.  (It’s really none of your business who’s nap time it was) but first we picked up sandwiches from Jersey’s Mikes.  If you get the chance – go there.  There were great.  Kind of cross between Cousin’s and some one else, I just can’t put my finger on it.

When I’m at home, I don’t pay that much attention to the weather.  I mean I work from home.  Not a whole heck of a lot that will affect my commute.  But of course, now that I’m out in the world, there is weather craziness all over the place.  Record heat in Arizona ( where I’m headed in about 10 days) – a tropical storm that although it missed Florida – I will have to cross it’s hopefully greatly weakened path tomorrow on the way to my South Carolina layover and fires near the Grand Canyon.  Like I said, I can’t make this stuff up…

Today I ventured out on my own for a while.  I headed to Panera to work for a few hours and it was nice to be out.  I have to remember that when I return home and try to work from different places a few days a week like Panera or Starbucks or maybe even the library.  I also went to Office Depot with the help of Google Maps.  I mean seriously, how did we even live before we had smart phones?  I mean, everywhere I wanted to go this week – I just Googled it, put the address in the GPS and BAM! I was there – eating broccoli soup, buying card stock, getting a new computer cord and browsing the dollar store.

So in the morning I’m packing it up and heading on to my next stop.  I find it hard to believe that this part of the trip is almost over already.  In retrospect, I don’t think I could’ve picked a better first stop.  Crystal and her husband, Charlie, have been fantastic in taking care of me and have a found a sweet balance as to not smother me either.  They let me do what I needed to take care of me with gently reminders of things like if you don’t eat dinner, you should eat breakfast.  They also helped me dissect the current weather patterns to make sure that it was safe for me to travel this weekend.  They might have evened put up with some crying.  There’s all these memes about how a true friend is one you can go a while without seeing or talking to and when you do connect again, nothing has changed.  I would insert one here, but really, none of them could capture the gratitude I have right now for what I experienced this past week.

In the morning I am off to a new place and new adventures.  I can say this.  In the olden days, doctors often suggested a change of scenery for people.  It does do wonders.  I’m not saying I’m magically over everything, but a different place allows to not be reminded by daily routines of things.  It’s giving everything a slightly different perspective, like putting a gel filter on a light.  I’m still hurt, I’m still angry but out here, it’s not all consuming.  I’m not reminded every minute that life is different because it’s  whole different life now and everything is new to me.  I kind of like it.  Oh and in case you didn’t know this, John Cena is hot! 😉

Fountain in downtown Covington, KY of girl with geese. It’s a tribute the German Heritage of the area and there’s some story behind it.
Taken in downtown Covington, KY. A shout out to my baseball loving friends.
Another nod to the German Heritage of this area is this clock. The bells toll on the hour and it a glockenspiel that has Peter Piper come out at the top of certain hours
Peter the Piper

I forgot something – no really I brought all that stuff but….

So Sunday night I go to sit down and plug in my laptop – but wait, there is no laptop cord.  I have 2 rolls of duct tape, like 4 phone cords, every tank top I own, literally 20 pens and I forgot the power cord for my laptop. I turned to the www and luckily, there was a computer store not far from where I am staying and was able to venture out Monday morning, with the help of my navigation system, get a new cord and find my way home, so I’m back in business.  I mean seriously.  I brought my yoga mat.

I have a new puppy friend that is quite something else.  Her name is Kuma.  She is kind of easily frightened and it take a moment to warm up to me, but now when I come down in the morning, she is all wagging her tail at me.  It also may have helped that I’ve been slipping her snacks.

Other than a trip to the computer store, Monday was just a regular day of working.  I was served a local delicacy for dinner, Skyline Chili.  It has notes of nutmeg and cinnamon and is served over noodles with cheese.  It was pretty good.  I might pick up a few cans before I leave the area to bring home as souvenirs.

When bedtime rolled around Monday, I did not mess a round.  I opened the Netflix on my laptop and watched/slept to Friends until the laptop died.  I was a glorious night’s sleep.

Tuesday morning Kuma and I had a visitor at the window.  She was not a fan and tried to tell the little guy to go away.  He stood his ground – ballsy little fellow!  She was not pleased.  On a side note – later in the day, the top of this window served as the location of a suicide attempt by a local bird.  I say attempt because according to Charlie, it was not that loud of a thud, so there was a 50/50 chance the bird who slammed into the window might live.

Tuesday brought more work but I moved my office to a more “open office”.  See the ceiling picture below.  I was careful how long I was outside and although I did get some color, I am proud to say, I do not look like a lobster.  I’m finally learning.

Tuesday’s office. It was a beautiful day with enough breeze to keep you cool but enough to blow your papers away.

I am having serious thoughts about re-routing the Grand Canyon portion of my trip.  The extreme heat that they are having this week is causing me great concern because any one who knows me at all knows that contrary to what my mother might tell you, the heat does bother me.  I have a solid week to figure it out so for now, I haven’t ruled it out, but am open to suggestions for alternatives that are awesome to visit between Florida and Colorado.

So that’s pretty much everything as of the end of day four.  Oh and if you’re keeping track at home – there was some hormone related crying today- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Night ya’ll



Highlights from Sunday Fun day- Kentucky style

Sunday Funday- complete with Margaritas and not one, not two but three kinds of salsa.
Delicious fajitas for two – shrimp, beef and chicken. Also, did you know that at Mexican restaurants – well at this one anyway – you can get mashed potatoes with cheese. mmmm


Selfie with my awesome hostess and partner in crime for this leg of the trip. As you can tell from the palm trees in the background we took this picture at a super secret exotic location also known as the lobby at Abuelo’s.

So my Sunday consisted of sleeping super late- combination of time zone difference and a long ass day of driving on Saturday.  When I finally got up and got ready to go out into the world – we had lunch at Abuelo’s.  Now, Madison friends – I never went there when we had one.  Now I am sad.  It was super yummy.  Although most things are after you slam a margarita and you’re not used to drinking.  I would definitely go back though.

After lunch, we went to the happiest place on earth – if you guessed Target – you guessed right.  But here’s the thing -I realized I might have a Target problem.  When you go to another Target store like 5 states away and go through the fun area up front with the $1/$3/$5 stuff and you’re like – seen it, seen it – got it – don’t like it etc – you’re there too much.  In what was probably a noteworthy event that you should mark on your calendar – I only spent $6.  I know, it’s amazing and you’re right, I wasn’t feeling well.

I was also introduced to the most delicious cucumber cream cheese dip yesterday.  I don’t know if I can share the recipe with the internet – I have to check with Crystal – but that stuff is mmmmm.  I will definitely be making that when I get home or maybe even next week.  I wonder if Barry eats cucumbers?

This next part is a little hard to admit, but after a day and half of being away, I was a little homesick and had trouble falling asleep last night.  I missed Ross, Rachel, Chandler and the whole gang at Central Perk.  I thought this trip might be a good time to work on my bedtime habits so I was trying to fall asleep in the dark just listening to Enya.  No TV, no Dog, no cat.  I was lonely.  Quiet time in the dark also lets your mind go to places you try to stay busy during the day to avoid and so inevitably- my mind went to the evil twin and our break up and all the sadness I try not to wallow in.  I can go whole days without crying now but I still feel disbelief when I think about us not being together.  I’m at a point now where you can’t un-ring the bell.  I know there is no way to go back to what we’ve had, too much damage has been done but I miss the comfort of knowing someone was always there, in that way.  I mean really – your best girlfriend isn’t going to hug you in bed when you have a PMS crying fit and gently rock you until it passes while you run your fingers through their chest hair.  I know I’m not alone and really if one more person tells me I don’t need a man – I am going to have to hit them.  I know that I don’t, I just really liked it.  And I know, that with enough time, these feelings will pass and I would be doing myself a horrible disservice if I tried to not feel them now because no matter how hard you try, they will get you – so I’d rather go through this now, get it over with and move on then have it come back to haunt me at some bad time in the future.  Plus, don’t you get like a month for each year you were together to be crazy?  I still have like 4.5 months left.  I plan on enjoying every minute of that.  LOL

So I found this on Pinterest last night and I like it and think it’s a good reminder when you are trying to refocus your life. It’s not everything I don’t want to care about anymore – it’s just the drama and crap. I’m going to focus all the energy from caring about that stuff on great stuff and move mountains.




Oh Yeah! Kentucky Baby

So it’s finally here – the day we’ve all been waiting for- the first day of JenniFoster summer 2017 tour.  I’m going to be honest – it’s hard work driving the car all day.  Towards the end of the day, I was starting to get finger cramps.  I’m lucky I don’t have claw hands like Chandler did after he played Miss Pac Man for a whole day (yet another Friends reference).

I left about an hour later than I wanted to but that was ok since it was Saturday and rush hour traffic isn’t much of an issue.  I am proud to report that in spite of bringing a shit ton of stuff including 5 pairs of shoes, an ink jet printer and 2 rolls of duct tape, I could still see out the rear view mirror. There is a lot of random crap in there because I’m going to be gone for a month, I didn’t want to forget something.  I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t traveling alone, so with one piece of Velcro, I was able to adhere my lucky unicorn to a spot that was like custom designed for her.  Throw some tic tacs, gum and chapstick in a cup holder, and I was off.

On many of my previous trips, I have been lucky enough to be a passenger, which allows for you to take pictures and just focus on getting the best shots.  I quickly learned at the big Hormel chili can that driving and taking pictures might take some practice.  See one of 17 pictures below.  Who doesn’t love burst mode?

I headed south on I39 through the tollway into Illinois where I paid cash dollars for my toll.  I have to go in the lane with an attendant as I wanted to pay with paper money.  The nice man told me I was beautiful and to have a great day.  Now I’m sure that he tells all the middle aged women that, but I’m not going to lie, it was still nice to hear and a nice way to start a journey of many miles.

So while I was driving today, I had a lot of time to think about things.  I have come to the following conclusions – important life take away here people – life is too short for uncomfortable underwear and pens that don’t write all the time.  We have all one, that pen you have to scribble like 6 times to get it to work.  Throw it away – replace it with one that writes the first time every time.  Pens are cheap.  Don’t settle for mediocre writing utensils.

I’m not going to bore you with a play by play of every mile – but did you know I had to cross the Ohio River to get into Kentucky? Did you know that the welcome to Kentucky sign is located at the end of the bridge?  Did you know I’m scared of bridges?  Again – it is hard taking pictures as the driver!

So at some point in 8 hours of driving, you get bored.  I made a video for you guys to show you what it was really like and what you were really missing by not coming with me.  It’s on You Tube – Here is a link for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efp9abB_p98&feature=youtu.be

I also had a tiny snafu with the navigation system in the car.  This morning when I left, I inputted my destination and on the bottom it said 7:24 and however many miles.  So I thought perfect, that’s about when I thought I would get to Crystal and Charlie’s.  As I’m driving along, the number keeps going down and I think I’m making great time so I start dawdling.  I stop at every rest stop I encounter, I stopped early for gas and so on.  So then it says like 4:49 and I know there is no way I knocked that much time off.  Yeah, it was how much longer I had to drive, not what time I was arriving.  Oh well, now I know.

Oh – I almost forgot – I stopped at my first White Castle ever today.  MMMM  I’m going to be doing that again!

OK, this world traveler is pooped and is going to go sleep a really long time in her sweet hotel quality lodgings at Crystal and Charlie’s house.   The bed is super comfy, I have my own bathroom and free wifi!  Seriously, after I leave, I’m going to suggest they Airbnb the place.


It’s like Christmas Eve – only hotter

Ok!  So here I am, writing for last time for a month or so from my sweet sea foam green metal desk circa 1978.  I love this desk, it’s metal and it has great drawers.  But, I’m leaving it behind for a while and I could not be more excited.

I know that I should be providing pictures but it’s raining out, so I’ll take on when I leave in the morning, I promise.  I have a 2017 Nissan Murano, Silver with MN plates for my trip.  It only has like 3500 miles on it.  Enterprise hooked me up.  She is beautiful and has many bells and whistles.  She still smells like a new car.

To say I’m excited right now would be an understatement.  I love traveling and seeing new things and the best part about the trip is that I also get to see people I haven’t seen in a long time.  So in the morning I leave for Colorado via Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona and many more states in between.  I will definitely be able to pick up some new magnets and hopefully a million new pictures.