I’m back…

So, when you go through something painful in life, everyone says that it just takes time and eventually, you will get through it and feel like yourself again.

And you want to believe them.  Believing them at times is the only thing that keeps you going. And you don’t know how you will ever be ok again.

And then almost like magic, after countless nights of emotional dreams, crying more tears than you ever thought possible and anger that is all consuming, you wake up one Monday morning and you know it’s over.  The season of grieving has passed.  You feel like yourself again.   You find joy in things like not sharing the bacon you cooked, controlling the TV all the time and things being the way you like them.

It wasn’t easy to get to this magic place and I had to make some hard choices along the way.  After much contemplation, I cut off contact with Steve’s kids and his ex-wife at the end of July.  It was hard.  She had been a great comfort and support when we first broke up but unfortunately, as time moved on, she was just a reminder of what wasn’t anymore.

I can’t handle dating anymore so I ‘m taking a hiatus from that.

But the super exciting thing is that I am planning a tour for the summer of 2019.  It will be all west of the Mississippi River and I can hardly wait.