I got some roommates

So, just because I live alone, work from home and rarely leave the house because it costs money, people get all worried about me and shit. Well, worry no more my friends, as I have gotten some roommates. They are super low maintenance, not plants, great listeners and like swimming as much as I do!

That’s right! J-FO got some previously owned fish. They are lovely. I think their scales look like sequins and they are completely mesmerizing to watch. They came with names, Dora and Beauty, but I think they need new names that are like matched, like Elsa and Anna or Laverne and Shirley or Thelma and Louise. So I’m just trying to get to know them better and then I’ll rename them.

The hardest part about having fish is to not feed them too much. These ladies can pack away the pellets and they eat in a such an entertaining way, it feels like they are happy. They swim around joyfully and do tricks, who wouldn’t want to see that all day?

But I have to stay focused on the big picture. Do I want the fish to be really happy for 20 minutes and then bloat and die? Or do I want them to be regular happy every day and live for a long time? I feel that’s a metaphor for some kind of life lesson, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusion there. 🙂

Good things come to those who wait. Sometimes. Maybe.

So with a title like that you are probably expecting some awesome story about how I finally met someone and I’m happy as a clam. You’re an idiot. I met someone, I caught feelings ( isn’t that the worst?) and he turned out to be the biggest douche canoe I’ve encountered in a really long time. Enough about that.

No my friends, the good thing I am talking about here is a comforter from Zulily. I spied it months ago but I was in the middle of my weekly car repair season and non- necessities like the only comforter I’ve seen and liked in like 5 years was not in the cards for me. So I watched is get sold out and all my hopes of having it, were dashed.

But wait, several weeks later, I received a communication from the good folks at Zulily telling me it was back in stock! WHAT?? For real? So obviously, I bought it immediately. It finally arrived, you know how it takes forever to get stuff from them, and now it’s mine.

However, I’m scared to put it on my bed. What if I get nail polish on it? Diet coke? sweat from a hot flash? So I finally have this thing I really wanted and I’m scared to enjoy it.

Isn’t it so lovely?

So, I got to thinking, as I do sometimes. Why are we, and by we, I mean me, saving everything for a special occasion? I’m 44. I’m literally not getting any younger what am waiting for? And why do I keep needing to remind myself to live my life? I’m a grown up. I don’t need anyone’s permission to do anything. Why is this such a struggle? Did you know that there are people who buy steaks and fancy fish for themselves even when it’s not on sale and for no other reason than because they want to? And that there are people who don’t even know where to look for a coupon?

We’ve got about 6 weeks left of summer people.