Corona Cravings

So we all are in this weird limbo where life is different and stressful. There is a phenomenon that you may be experiencing but have been unable to name.

I’m going to call it a Corona Craving. Now what is this you may ask yourself? Let me explain with a story about my mother.

My parents live in a small town with a local Piggly Wiggly. This Piggly Wiggly has an in store bakery that makes delicious crullers that are a favorite among my family. So the other day, my mom goes to pick some things up and lo and behold, the bakery at the Pig was closed during this situation which means, no crullers. So now, my mom, who has not had a cruller in probably 2 months becomes fixated on the idea of a non- subpar cruller, and no matter what else she had, all she wanted was the cruller. I totally get it.

I’ve been fantasizing hard core about Vern’s string cheese. Not string cheese. Vern’s string cheese with all it’s hard, salty goodness that you can only get at the fancy grocery store (there are people there) or the specialty cheese store ( closed for now).

I’m sure even those of you who spent $400 at the grocery a week ago and have no fridge or pantry space left are probably missing something that readily available when life was “normal”. I’m pretty sure these cravings are part of the human experience of this time of weirdness that is a bit scary. We are craving comfort, familiar things and freedom to have what we want. But it will pass and soon enough, I will have sausage fingers from all the yummy salty cheese I was able to eat.

Now, I know that you are probably worried about me being home alone during this time of isolation. But fear not, there has been an addition – I have added a pair of snails to my fish tank and those little suckers are amazing and mesmerizing. Here is a video for your enjoyment. Don’t worry if you like it – there will be more!

Look at his little mouth!!! Do you think those are teeth?

Did you miss me?

So I’ve missed you. I know it’s been like 6 months since we’ve last talked and I wish I had a good reason for ignoring you like that I’ve been traveling the world or having a torrid love affair with Peter. But alas, I have not.

But now that things have progressed to “Threat Level Midnight”, I thought you might appreciate my hi jinx now more than ever. Maybe not and if that is the case, you probably aren’t reading this anyways.

IF you are a fan of the Office, please watch the full length version of Threat Level Midnight on You Tube. It will be a great 27 minutes of your life. link –>

So I’m keeping this one short and sweet, but I do have some stories to tell and will be writing regularly from now on.