Top secret project

Well, if you’re dedicated enough to check for new content after all this time without a reminder, I suppose you have earned a scoop.

At the beginning of quarantine, I posted a meme on Facebook about emerging from this whole pandemic lock down as a butterfly. I know you all thought it was a joke. But it is not. Working with my doctor and several other professionals, I have undertaken an ambitious weight loss adventure. I have chosen the word adventure because sometimes I think journey gets over used just like triggered, bandwidth and “issues”. Sometimes they are just straight up problems.

So there is no surgery involved because being on a respirator is a huge fear of mine, well that and not waking back up. I started with a 10 day fire walk of shakes and then I have transitioned to solid food. Surprisingly, as much as I hated those damn shakes, in a way it was much easier than eating solid food.

I’ve started swimming everyday – wear your masks people- I will lose my shit if the gym closes again and am proud to report that my resting heart beat has majorly decreased, I have baby bicep muscles and as of this morning, I am down 39.0 pounds.